Evil People

I feel that sin and evil are a negative part of you, and I think it is like a battery: You’ve got to have the negative and positive in order to be a complete person.

Dolly Parton

Evil people do exist. They however are like polar opposites where good is bad and bad is good. So as in the above Dolly quote they do have the negative and the positive they are just wired backwards. The are also pretenders they pretend to like things they don’t like. In fact they really don’t like anything. They are jealous and will do anything to get what someone else has if they so want it bad enough and they usually do. I alone have had quit a dealing with evil people. I am a good person but for some reason when God made this face he just could not get enough and kept making it. Not saying I am the most beautiful or anything like that. However, I do know that their are a infinite number of people who have my face and they all seem to be evil. They attach themselves to me like leeches and what they do goes beyond stocking or identify thief. They set me up for various crimes and try to take my friends, boyfriends and even my job. If worse comes to worse they also hurt anybody who seems to be on my side including co-workers, friends, boyfriends and family. So I don’t have any friends, boyfriends and my family really has nothing to do with me and I try really hard not to get involved with anybody at work. I just mind my business and go about my day. These evil identical’s even come into my house when I am not here and do only God knows what. And do you know where they got the key from he police of course because they have to have a key so they can search my house illegally for things I did not do. Also, they drive my car usually at night I am guessing probably to set me up some more. I wonder where all my gas goes I am going to keep it on empty and they can put gas in it if they want to drive it. I thing they steal the key from me in the middle of the night while I am sleeping. And yes it does freak me out. I try to hid it but they found it. In other words they make my life a living hell. So of course because of these evil identical’s nobody really knows who is who or who is doing what. When I was working I was totally working from home but the evil ones were going to the office pretending to be me and I was not even supposed to be their. Not sure how they got in the building of if they somehow got an id badge. The FBI is on to them and so is the good police if they even exist. Do not get me started on corrupt police. I don’t think we should defund the police but an investigation into every single police unit needs to be done and house needs to be cleaned. I am sure I am not the only victim of illegal investigations. The police need to get a search warrant from a judge if they want to search my house. Of course the judges are corrupt too so it probably does not matter much. The FBI needs to investigate the entire justice system because there are so many evil people out there taking advantage of the good guy. I digress the point is evil people do exist and they are everywhere things have gotten so bad that the evil organization I like to call a Kabul has like a phone tree or something and my situation is at the top of there list. They have now gone so far to trying to kill me with real guns and bullets. If that is not a case for gun control I don’t know what is. The person that apparently the majority of the American people voted for and seems to have won Biden is in this evil organization. Of course everybody should know he cheated and I bet if I went out on the street and took a pole I will find not one person who actually voted for the man. So this should be cause for alarm to the American people. An evil, psychopath, devil worshiping, jealous, murdering, politician is going to be President of the United States. Does this not concern anybody. The American people should be protesting the election results and getting behind Trump and his legal team as they try to overturn the results of the election because everybody in their right mind knows Biden cheated. We should be protesting and demanding that we go to the polls were a mask for crying out loud and re-vote. Or are you just going to set back and let an evil, psycho path steal the election and become President for the next four years do God only knows what to this country. The man does not even has a plan. Trump has done more for this country than any President in the history of Presidents all the way back to maybe Reagan. Please I am begging all Americans we need to unite get off your butts and please lets do something about this before our beloved American is lost forever. I can’t do anything because I am already a wanted person by the Kabul and am pretty well constricted to staying home if I don’t want to get shot. Of course this blog post is not doing me any favors. However, I am sick to my stomach about what the evil people are doing to this country and I just want justice for all the people and their families who the evil ones have murdered and hurt all in the name of evil. Because these people did absolutely nothing wrong. Me myself I am an innocent victim. I never hurt anybody but because these evil identical’s have set me up some people believe I did and are also out to get me even through they may not be evil themselves. So anyway if I end up dead my dying wish is that the American people as some of them are Christians will stand up to the evil people and take our country back please.

Cindy Lou Lutton. Friday, November 20th 2020

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