I don’t do it for the money. I’ve got enough, much more than I’ll ever need. I do it to do it. Deals are my art form. Other people paint beautifully on canvas or write wonderful poetry. I like making deals, preferably big deals. That’s how I get my kicks. President Donald Trump

I absolutely refuse to shut up about this unless someone shuts me up. George W Bush II cheated and I put up with that idiot for 8 years. Obama cheated and I put up with that even bigger idiot and racist for 8 years. I said nothing I just waited finally we got a president who only one in history I can remember who kept all his campaign promises and who was not a politician but a business man as he credits himself to in the above quote. Also President Trump was never paid a dime for being president he did it for the American people because he is an American and very patriotic. Biden is an idiot and incompetent to run this country. Everybody knows that Harris will become president in a few months and she is not even black and the biggest racist against white people since Obama and his monkey looking wife. I for one am fed up with the corrupt politicians in Washington. Starting with Speaker of the House Pelosi she is also an idiot and I a pretty sure she is evil as fuck. I mean look at her really. And please do not even get me started on Hilary Clinton that women is evil as they come and I an pretty sure she has gotten away with murder more times than anyone really knows. Someone needs to take down these dirty politicians before they run this country in the ground. Trump should be the president elect this election was screwed up the worst one in history. Who can be sure who really won I think we need a do over with everyone being forced to go to the polls and throw out all mail in ballots because that is just no way to insure a fair election. I voted at the polls on Election Day and their was no waiting in line. I showed my ID signed my name, received my ballot and cast my vote for Trump. I then slid my ballot into the automatic reader and that was it. Easy pleasey. Why can’t everybody just vote on Election Day just like we used too and then go home wait for the polls to close and watch the election results on TV and a winner be announced that same night. Who in the world came up with mail in ballots and voting early anyway? If you are going to vote early why in the hell do we even have an Election Day to vote. It makes no sense. Either we vote by mail or we vote early or we vote on Election Day as it should be. Why do we have all three. I know, so dirty politicians can see ahead of time who is voting for who and probably change the votes on mail in ballots or dump them in a trash can somewhere if they don’t like the vote. Someone really needs to do something about these rigged elections this makes the third time this has happened. Obama should have never been president and then we would not have this screwed up insurance that only benefits Obama because he has made a deal with namely BCBS to get a cutback of premiums paid by the American people. Why else would insurance premiums be so high and what insurance in their right mind would allow for the pre-existing conditions to be discontinued unless they were making it up somehow with high premiums and high deductibles. Hilary, Bush II, Obama and Michael, Biden and his Son Hunter, Harris and Pelosi all need to be put in prison among others we don’t even know about. Someone call the FBI please. Trump was going to fix Health Insurance the dirty politicians screwed that up because they want to keep getting their cutbacks. I think we should have our own count of who voted for Trump and what state. When Obama and Bush II won I was upset then too and frankly could not find anyone that voted for either of them. That is because they cheated someone really needs to look into this especially this screwed up election I don’t see how anyone can see how this was a fair election. I know Trump will fight it but I am afraid he will lose the fight unless a higher power steps in like the FBI to investigate the dirty dealings done by dirty politicians. #bidencheated #trumpshouldbepresdentelect2020

God Bless American!! God Bless Trump!! May he put up a good fight and win change this bitch around.